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Friday, 13 June 2014

My future Virginian Railway

I have decided to build a model switching layout based on the Virginian Railway. Details to come!
A Proto 2000 model of a USE Class for the VGN.

Wellingford & Bakewell Bridge Railway - Plan

At the recent Adelaide Model Railway Show 2014, I was asked a number of times from members of the public weather I had a drawing of my LMS layout I had on display. I didn't have any copies available so here is the plan of the layout for those I indicated for reference to this blog.

Wellingford & Bakewell Bridge Railway 
I will add some more photos later. There are a number of YouTube clips of the layout available if you search. I would recommend this clip done by a good friend of mine.

The photos below are of two stations, Wellingford, a name of my own making and modelled in the LMS style. Bakewell Bridge is modelled closely on Bakewell with a few enhancements to fit the scene.

A local goods comes off the branch into Wellingford
while a coal train waits patiently.
Bakewell Bridge Station - an adaptation
of Bakewell Station in Derbyshire in the Midlands.