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Friday, 8 February 2019

A Depot for the station area...

The station down at the wharf needed to be small and the kit No.180 of Cullen was just what was needed. A nice kit to put together. I pre-painted the ribbed walls with orange acrylic paint before assembly.
I chose to use the earlier Virginian Railway orange and white paint scheme as opposed to the later grey paint scheme as it looks so much nicer. I know strictly speaking it should be grey for 1959 but my excuse is this station wasn't updated when most of the rest of the VGN system was done.
the basic building assembled.

Completed before weathering.

The waiting area shelter has nice detail.

Weathering with powders and little dry brushing.
The freight room door should be white too but I didn't paint that to give the impression it was probably replaced at some stage in its life and not painted. The splintered timbers on the timber platform sides come like that and is nice touch to give some age.

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