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Saturday, 9 February 2019

Switch stands for the yards

Researching switch stands fot the yards and main line turnouts was a difficult task and one I found to be frustrating. There appeared to be  ,more than just a few different styles that were employed along the length and breadth of the Virginian Railway. I narrowed down the target style in my chosen area of the VGN in and around the New River which includes the old absorbed Deepwater sections of the Virginian lines. These had a circular target and and horizontal arrow.
The target colours are red for the circular and yellow orange for the arrows...
 Also evident in certain yards were the small switch stands with the four aspect lamps with coloured targets. I used a small block of timber with four washers glued around the outside.
The small 10BA washers were dished out using a centre punch into some plastic!

Components included a small piece of tube and other cut pieces of styrene.
The basic switch stand completed without throw lever.

A cluster of switch stands if that's what you might call them...
These were then coated in Dullcote and are now ready for installing on the layout at a later time.

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  1. Gavin,

    New follower of your blog here. I've long been an admirer of your Wellington and Bakewell Bridge exhibition railroad and am really thrilled to see you back at it with the Virginian! I had a grandfather who worked 40 years for the N&W, and a grandmother who lived along the New River and worked for the Celanese corp, a customer of the VGN. Both roads are personal favorites, though I currently model a freelance short line in 1920s Florida.

    Looking forward to more updates,